Starland International School Preschool Kamias

Starland International School Preschool Kamias has an earnest desire that young learners will have meaningful and enjoyable moments in Starland and be globally competitive. The school was born in May 2001, borne out of a young woman’s determination to share her God-given talents, passion for teaching, and eagerness to transform the dream that was Starland Kiddie School (SKS) became a reality.

A Strong Foundation

Starland International School Preschool Kamias’ curriculum provides a strong foundation for extensive learning, encourages critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and respect for individuals.

As each student learns in different ways, an effective education methodology is the school’s first priority. In order to realize this objective, all of the subjects are integrated with intellectual, social, physical and emotional progress that can only be attained at the highest standards, via the process of integrative learning. The school has designed a variety of learning programmes, specifically both Advanced and Regular modules, that are made to fit the genuine potential of each unique child, in order to maximise learning outcomes.

Intensive Preschool Model

This particular campus, the Kamias campus, is restricted to the preschool level education format only. All students take advanced lessons in preparation for Grade 1 studies, they learn to read long stories (containing both short and long vowels, and their respective intonations) along with comprehension, learning longer words with consonant blends, sight based wording, cursive writing as well as vocabulary words.

The school also incorporates mathematical subjects that allows students to learn how to perform the basic operations on addition and subtraction of 3 – digit numbers (with carrying), multiplication and division of one-digit number, answers simple problem solving, and counts from one to one thousand. There is also the introduction of basic geography to instill in the minds of the learners love and appreciation of the world.

172 Langka St. corner Kamias Road extension, Project 2, Quezon City

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