Starland International School Elementary (Kamias)

Starland International School Elementary (Kamias) has an earnest desire that young learners will have meaningful and enjoyable moments in Starland and be globally competitive. The school was born in May 2001, borne out of a young woman’s determination to share her God-given talents, passion for teaching, and eagerness to transform the dream that was Starland Kiddie School (SKS) became a reality.

Starland International School Elementary (Kamias)’s curriculum provides a strong foundation for extensive learning, encourages critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and respect for individuals.

Integrative Learning Method

As each student learns in different ways, effective education is the school’s first priority. In order to realize this objective, all of the subjects are integrated with intellectual, social, physical and emotional progress must be attained with high standards through integrative learning.

The school has designed learning programs, specifically advanced and regular modules that are made to fit the genuine potential of each child to learn. Moreover, individualized evaluation by the school directress is conducted twice a year to identify which students belong to the advance or regular class level.

Developing Fundamental Skills

Here this school offers only up to elementary level. This is where students develops the fundamental skills, attitudes, and values that are essential for personal development which further enables the student to contribute to a growing and diverse environment.

Beginning from Grade 1, students are exposed in Journalism work to develop the students’ skill in writing, by teaching how to construct sentences using the correct grammar, broaden their vocabularies, increase their ability to think, develop communication skill and self-esteem by speaking in English at all times.

In Mathematics, the learner gains knowledge of the world of numbers and their functions through actual materials and mental computation involving basic operations. In Science, students are able to perform simple experiments and applies the basic knowledge and concepts learned.

66 Anonas Road, Project 2, Quezon City

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