Brent International School Baguio

Brent International School Baguio was established in 1909 primarily to provide the educational needs of the families of American missionaries and military personnel in the country and in Baguio and its environs where there was a small foreign community of mining prospectors.

Co-ed Boarding School

In 1925, a girl’s boarding home was added and Brent School then became the 1st co-educational day and boarding school in East Asia. The school provides a well-rounded education with academic pursuits complemented by extracurricular activities that helps to prepare students for success.

Committed to developing students as responsible global citizens and leaders in their respective communities, the school also ensures students are exposed with a multi-cultural background and gained international perspective

Specialist Coaching

Education begins from Lower School (beginning from Kindergarten) until Diploma level (ages 17-18). Brent International School Baguio categorised those into levels: Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. In the Lower School level, classes are kept small, with teacher-pupil ratios below 15:1 in the lower grades, encouraging individual growth.

Each class has a Homeroom teacher responsible for the pastoral care of students, and who keeps in close contact with parents. As students progressed to Middle School classes (Grades 6 – 8), students are located in their own building, which is also where many of their subjects are taught.

Subject specialists teach these grades, so it is not uncommon for students to have a different teacher for each subject. In general, the curricula proceed from Grade 5 with continued emphasis on discovery, investigation and skills-based courses. Upper School begins in grade 9, and while courses build on those in the Middle School, they are designed to cater to new students who enter from other schools.

Courses in Grades 9 – 10 serve as a preparation and background for International Baccalaureate courses in the later years. Finally, course in Grades 11 and 12 prepare students for the International Baccalaureate Diploma and are offered at both Higher and Standard Level to cater to students who may or may not choose to take the full diploma.


Brent Road, Baguio City 2600, Philippines

  • IB Diploma
  • International Baccalaureate