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Starland International School High School (Kamias)

Starland International School High School (Kamias) has an earnest desire that young learners will have meaningful and enjoyable moments in Starland and be globally competitive. The school was born in May 2001, borne out of a young woman’s determination to share her God-given talents, her passion for teaching, not to mention her admirable eagerness to transform the dream that was Starland Kiddie School (SKS) became a reality.

Effective Analytical Learning

Starland International School High School (Kamias)’s curriculum provides a strong foundation for extensive learning, encourages critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and respect for individuals.

As each student learns in different ways, effective education is the school’s first priority. In order to realize this objective, all of the subjects are integrated with intellectual, social, physical and emotional progress must be attained with high standards through integrative learning. The school has designed learning programs, specifically advanced and regular modules that are made to fit the genuine potential of each child to learn.

Mastering Supplemental Skill Sets

On the High School level, students continue to master the fundamental training and live up the values learned as he pursues his goals to gain extensive education in preparation for college. Aside from the core subjects and being part of the curriculum, Journalism and Speech classes are offered as supplemental learning areas, which are put into practice in order to intensively develop writing and communication skills at an accelerated pace.

Students also undergo training in public speaking and extemporaneous speech/debate and community service as basic requirements in Nursing, Entrepreneurship and Basic Accounting (Electives). Onto subject such as Mathematics, students are offered to take advance lessons to continue to develop and enhance their analytical and computational skills. In the science realm, students are being prepared with investigatory and exploratory projects to gain additional knowledge and experience.

171 Langka St. corner Kamias Road extension, Project 2, Quezon City

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