Lycée Français de Manille

Lycée Français de Manille has an interesting starting point. Originally founded in 1973, from the late 1980s onwards the French and German schools located in Manila decided to establish themselves on a common campus in the Philippine capital, under the name of Eurocampus.


By January 1991, Lycée Français de Manille, which operates under the aegis of the French Embassy as per the cultural agreements between France and the Philippines, united in an extraordinary assembly which empowered the management committee to pursue the acquisition of the Eurocampus.

In 1992, in order to preserve the future of the French school in Manila, Olivier Gaussot, Ambassador of France, along with Alain Chancerelle, Louis-Paul Heussaff and Philippe Gauthier formed the group of founding members of this elaborate Franco-German project, the first in the world, which today is the Eurocampus.

Lycee Francais de Manille

The school offers academic levels from preschool until high school. At the preschool level, the students are exposed to making independent, specific discoveries, that could lead to building new methods of acting on their environment- through play, verbalisation, experimentation with group life, autonomous research, sensory and motor experience.

Moving to primary level, students are provided with the time and consistency necessary for progressive and demanding learning, proficiency in languages, with the French language in particular being the priority. During the primary stage and the first year of secondary school, the focus on pedagogical continuity is stronger, and the goal of Lycee Francais de Manille at this point is to impart the common foundation of knowledge, skills and culture, to all pupils.

At the high school level, students are educated in the general French National Curriculum, which continues the main thrust from primary school, enabling them to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills constituting a common culture and evaluated by the French schooling standard. This is also a time where the school offers optional courses that allow students to express their tastes and talents.

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  • Football Field
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Playground
  • Science Laboratory

75 Swaziland Street, Better Living Subdivision 1711 Parañaque City - Philippines

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  • Primary
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  • French National Curriculum