Precious International School of Davao

Precious International School of Davao (PISD) was started by Perla Pichon Kwan in 1996, after her trip in United States and a short stint in teaching. Upon her return to the Philippines, she was resolved not to become active in the academic world anymore albeit she agreed to write some textbooks, which are now being used not only in PISD but also in other private schools throughout the country.

Value-Laden Leaders

During its initial year of operations, there were only 46 students from Grade 1 to Grade 3 with 3 faculty members and a secretary, but those few were carefully selected based on scholastic record achievement, performance, skills and attitude. The school believes that education is achieved through holistic formation of the learner as a citizen of the world. The school’s vision is to produce value-laden leaders who are spiritually founded, earnestly nationalistic, globally competent, and culturally sensitive.

There are 3 levels of education the school categorises: preschool, grade school and high school. The preschool department consists of three levels: playschool (3 – 4-year-old), pre-kindergarten (4 – 5-year-old), and kindergarten (5 -6-year-old). The school believes that every student must be equipped with all the essential skills for holistic development during the first few years of their life, otherwise known as the formative years.

Holistic Development

The curriculum for Grade School is designed to reinforce the holistic development started by its preschool department. There is structured integration of all topics across learning areas taught in a student-centred approach ensuring that all learners are equipped with the necessary skills and abilities to respond to different societal concerns.

High School level offers an enhanced secondary education curriculum that meets college standard assessments which is further supplemented by co-curricular activities to ensure that all students develop leadership in service and excellence in academics.

Precious International School of Davao also has Senior High School which offers grades 11 and 12 learners quality education while preparing them for college and livelihood readiness, and equipping them with 21st-century skills. Every Precious SHS graduate is effective in communication, learning and innovation, information and media, and life and career skills.



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