Starland International School Cagayan de Oro

Starland International School Cagayan de Oro has an earnest desire that young learners will have meaningful and enjoyable moments in Starland and be globally competitive. The school was born in May 2001, borne out of a young woman’s determination to share her God-given talents, passion for teaching, and eagerness to transform the dream that was Starland Kiddie School (SKS) became a reality.

Then the school opened its doors for Cagayan de Oro branch, the fifth and the second ones to be located in Mindanao, which catered to students who were in Preschool and Grades One to Three from 2013 onwards.

The Cagayan de Oro Branch

The Starland International School Cagayan de Oro curriculum as with the other Starland International School branches, provides a strong foundation for extensive learning, encourages critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and respect for individuals.

As each student learns in different ways, effective education is the school’s first priority. In order to realize this objective, all of the subjects are integrated with intellectual, social, physical and emotional progress must be attained with high standards through integrative learning.

Developing Fundamental Skills

The Cagayan de Oro campus offers education levels from preschool to high school levels of education. For the preschool students, they are to take advanced lessons in preparation for Grade 1, important and fundamental when it comes learning are intensive language mastery, basic mathematics calculations and exposing students to basic geography.

At the elementary level, students begin to develop the fundamental skills, attitudes, and values that are essential for personal development which further enables the student to contribute to a growing and diverse environment. Beginning from Grade 1, the pupils develop their writing, listening and speaking skills, while also boosting their knowledge in the Mathematics arena, and are able to perform simple science experiments and applies the basic knowledge and concepts learned.




Buenavista Village, Patag, Carmen Cagayan de Oro City

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