American Prep International School Hatyai

American Prep International School Hatyai (APIS) is committed to the harmonious development of every student. The school concentrates on the holistic development of each student across different aspects – academics, character/personality, useful service and global citizenship.

The school sees itself as a trend in setting elementary school and continues to deliver high-quality international education through its unique blended e-learning method. The school also puts a lot of emphasis on cross-curricular character development. The school’s motto is to prepare students to face tomorrow.

American Prep School Education in Hatyai

An American Prep school education is considered a holistic academic philosophy, encompassing an entire range of personal and practical experiences both within the school and without. APIS attempts to develop the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of one’s development as much as possible.

The education model embraces individual variances irrespective of each student’s character traits, and each student is treated with respect, loving attention, and viewed as possessing the capacity for goodness. The American Prep curriculum, like the one taught at the California Prep International School, focuses on a unique teaching approach and a broad delivery of the curriculum that helps both identify and address any and all learning gaps that are discovered.

The school motivates students to become lifelong learners, demonstrate well developed cognitive skills, become skilled communicators, be responsible and respectful members of the global community and demonstrate academic responsibility.

Collaboration Between Home And School Life

The school places great value in the collaboration between home life and schooling life, believing that both teachers and parents should be engaged in the deeper aspects of education and cultivating particular learning outcomes, and must demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with each other.

The American Prep International School Hatyai uses the California Department of Education curriculum mainly because of its way of educating non-native English speakers. The school has made its own curriculum which focuses on core subjects with IT, e-learning, self-discipline and talent development. The curriculum has 5 focus points – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and compassion. The school strives to deliver outstanding results across all sectors.

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Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110

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