International Pioneers School

International Pioneers School was established in 1998 as a kindergarten. Over the years, the school expanded to provide an all through train education from preschool to secondary level.

Starting as a kindergarten, the school gradually developed and flourished to become an extremely successful international school, running classes from kindergarten through year 13, and leading to the IGCSE exams during year 11 and AS / A exams during year 12 and 13. The framework of the school is based on the British National Curriculum and is tailored to satisfy the demands of students both locally and internationally.

British Curriculum International School

The school follows the British National Curriculum which is ideal for local and expat students. The school encourages and inspires children to follow a lifelong path to learning. It seeks to harness a love for learning and knowledge gathering in students.

At IPS, the school intends to provide such a hospitable, caring and supportive landscape where all individuals are equally valued and where true respect is developed for one another and outsiders. The school’s strategic vision and ethos are extracted from the general goals of the school.

International Pioneers School seeks to develop enquiring minds so that they are able to question and understand how the world works. The school follows a perfect balance of academic, spiritual and social skills so that children grow up to be well-rounded personalities.

Developing Enquiring Minds

Students develop important core values such as co-operation, sensitivity, diversity, religious tolerance and deep respect for everyone. In the preschool stage, the school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. In the primary, middle school and secondary levels, the school offer Key Stage 1-3, IGCSE, A-level.

The school offers quality education to both the international and local population. Students of 15 nationalities study here. The school campus is located in the city and is easy for commuting. The school has a basketball court and a futsal playground.

The school prepares students to not only face the challenges of higher education, but also the challenges of the world. Students become competent individuals who are ready to compete in any environment.

  • Basketball Court
  • Cafeteria
  • Football Field
  • Netball Court

20 Charoen Nakorn Soi 14, Charoen Nakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600

  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • Secondary
  • British National Curriculum

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