ELC International School, The Purple Elephant 39

ELC International School, The Purple Elephant 39 strives to raise curiosity in young minds and guide them through their learning path. The school encourages students to ask questions which in turn help them to understand how the world works.

The Purple Elephant @39 was designed for young learners from eighteen months to five years of age, similar to the ELC International School, The Purple Elephant @ 55, and sports a unique interior and exterior design unlike many other preschools.

ELC International School in Bangkok Thailand

The memories the children formulate at this age will form the basis for a lot of learned behaviour and experiences in the future, and therefore the charming and cosy spaces that create a sense of wonder at this facility should accommodate that nicely.

It believes that students steer through the complex world by interpreting things around them in a positive manner and create analogies and metaphors related to them. The school is truly multicultural and it is proud to be so.

By creating a community of teachers, parents and students, the faculty team imparts crucial knowledge of unity and diversity among students. The faculty team is also committed to creating academically brilliant students who are good communicators. They also motivate students to explore their creative side.

Accredited International Preschool in Thailand

ELC International School, The Purple Elephant 39 is housed in a quaint facility which is comfortable and fun. The campus has a playground fitted with all the necessary play equipment that support the learning journey of a student.

This house serves as a perfect place for the transition into the ELC International School, City School Campus of the school. An experienced group of teachers, friends, spaces and materials awaits students in this campus.

The building is surrounded by trees which help students get a natural feel. They also serve as important lessons on nature for students. Children make discoveries and find things that interest them here. Teachers conduct interesting projects along with the students which helps in the overall learning curve.

  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Playground

#61 Sukhumvit Rd 39 Bangkok 10110

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