Ladybird International Kindergarten

Ladybird International Kindergarten is a reputed kindergarten in Bangkok established with a mission to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate programmes for children in a safe, clean, healthy and loving environment.

The philosophy of the school is to follow a developmental approach where children learn through play. The school follows various activities at each developmental stage which are specifically selected to encourage and challenge children. However, they make sure not to rush children in their learning journey.

International Kindergarten in Bangkok

Ladybird International Kindergarten ensures to make learning interesting for its students. Students get opportunities to explore every day and discover new things. This helps the children develop a positive idea about themselves. Children grow up to be self-confident, independent and enthusiastic learners.

This kindergarten believes that there is more than one single way to learn, teach, and even to present knowledge to each other. The institute believes the Multiple Intelligences (or M.I.) concept supports this, with there being more than one way for a child or any person to be smart.

This inclusive theory developed by a Harvard University professor in 1983, means that no one is unintelligent. Individuals can also convey their intelligence by words (verbal / linguistic intelligence), figures and logic (logical / mathematical intelligence), and visuals (visual / spatial intelligence). They could also express their intellect via music (musical / rhythmic intelligence), or even through their body movements (kinesthetic / body intelligence),

Multiple Intelligences

The student community is primarily multicultural. Students learn to respect and value each culture. The school appreciates that there are multiple ways to learn and teach and uses the same idea while teaching their students.

Ladybird International Kindergarten focuses on the overall development of a student. Thus, it concentrates on a number of areas such as body, music, interpersonal, verbal and linguistic, logical, mathematical, naturalistic and visual sides. This helps a child to be smart and ready to pursue primary education.

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21 Soi Promsri 2, Sukhumvit 39, Klongton Nua Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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