Hana Christian International Kindergarten

Hana Christian International Kindergarten is a Christian kindergarten opened in 2006 to meet the educational needs of Thai children and children of expats. The school originally started as a bilingual school and has grown by leaps and bounds since.

International Kindergarten in Chiang Mai

Since that initial opening over ten years ago, this kindergarten has grown from a mere twenty students in three classes comprising Nursery, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2. In 2007, a third Kindergarten class was added. At first the school operated as a bilingual preschool, but the student population continued to expand and they found it necessary to adopt an educational approach that was more suited for a wider multicultural community

And hence, the school currently follows an international curriculum for preschoolers to meet the needs of the multicultural student community. The school is centrally located in a peaceful suburban neighbourhood to the southwest of Chiang Mai, and thanks to the wide availability of highways, bus and train routes, and an international airport, the kindergarten is easily accessible and well connected with the rest of the country and the region.

International Christian Kindergarten

The Hana Christian International Kindergarten follows a goal to equip students with the basic Christian principles which apply to their daily lives. The school seeks to develop the knowledge, understanding and practice of Biblical principles in students.

The preschool encourages an environment encompassing the Christian traits of love, sharing, caring and service. The faculty team consists of dedicated and loving teachers who take care of each child. The school strongly believes that educating children in a certain manner affirms faith and honour in individuals and brings out the uniqueness of each child.

The school encourages creativity and critical thinking. Students learn through a combination of outdoor and indoor activities which enhances their creativity and imagination through field trips under the supervision of a teacher. The school also has Taekwando classes every Friday.

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55 Moo 12, T. Nongkwai, A. Hangdong, Tambon Nong Kwai, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50230

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