Glory Singapore International School

Glory Singapore International School is accredited by the Cambridge Assessment International Education. The school strives to bring about the best outcome of education by concentrating on the positive development of the mind and body of a child while imparting social values to children.

Singapore International School in Bangkok

The school is sometimes referred to as GSIS and has been accredited by the Official for National Education Standard and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) after passing the required evaluation. Unlike some other schools in Thailand which only partially subscribe to it, this school goes with a full Singapore primary school system before reverting to the Cambridge International Education syllabus for secondary education.

Originally founded as a modest private school in 2008, the school is now an accredited international school offering a Nursery to Grade 12 programme with an emphasis on the development of both the personal and academic aspects of education.

Initially, the school follows the Singaporean curriculum and offers education from preschool to secondary level. Through the curriculum, a student builds a foundation for their academic achievements to kickstart their education journey. A strong linguistic foundation is also stressed with the curriculum being transmitted with a trilingual approach as laid out below.

Trilingual Language School

The primary school curriculum delivers a set of written, delivered, and learned outcomes consistent with the best practices of the CDE and top-performing PISA schools, in order to address the contextual needs of parents and other interested parties.

Hence, the subjects include English, Chinese, Thai, Mathematics, Science, Health, Information Technology, Arts and Crafts, Physical Education and Music. The curriculum is taught in 3 languages, making students fluent in English, Chinese and Thai.

The faculty team of Glory Singapore International School consists of caring highly qualified teachers who encourage students to ask questions about the world to develop their understanding and global perspectives. They also support the students in taking part in competitions and reward them with well-deserved awards. Parents are always proud to see their children receive their awards on stage.

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33 Soi Wachirathamsatit 18,Sukhumvit 101/1 Rd.,Bangna Bangkok 10260

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