Annabel’s Early Years International Kindergarten

Annabel’s Early Years International Kindergarten is a leading kindergarten in Bangkok which promotes play-based learning. It was established in 2002 as a day nursery and has grown ever since.

Students get their first lessons while playing and this enables them to learn efficiently. Through various playing techniques, the school teaches students how to enjoy their feelings and manage them which teaches them to grow up into confident individuals.

Early Years International Kindergarten in Bangkok

The school also understands the importance of learning and recognizes the method of learning as the most important phase in the learning process. Along with learning, Annabel’s Early Years International Kindergarten also appreciates that the early years are the best time to develop habits that remain with the children for life.

The school lays down well-planned play opportunities where teachers help students to be interested in certain activities and have fun while learning. The environment is a critical part of the focus at Annabel’s, not just in terms of the natural setting, but also as a safe and calm space which provides endless room for exploration and the practice of their self-expression of the world. Learning and play are not separated at this school.

Inspiring Young Learners

The surroundings at Annabel’s Early Years is specially designed to inspire the young learners, with all the materials used considered with a lot of natural light and a lot of open spaces free of clutter. In addition, the school uses its idyllic outdoor setting of natural resources in order to help children connect with the natural environment and learning the significance of food production and environmental sustainability.

The school focuses on three areas to facilitate learning – social and emotional development, communication and language development and physical development. The curriculum incorporates specific activities to build a strong foundation for future learning. These include literacy, mathematics, expressive art, design and understanding the world.

  • Cafeteria
  • Playground
  • Splash Pool

19 Ekamai,10 Sukhumvit Soi.63, Bangkok, Thailand.

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  • British National Curriculum