Nakornpayap International School

Nakornpayap International School (sometimes referred to as NIS) is located in the greater Chiang Mai area, and follows a vision to provide education through diversity. It seeks to create passionate, life-long learners who strive for academic excellence and provides a multicultural setting where students are provided with the opportunity to acquire holistic education which is globally accepted.

Holistic International School in Chiang Mai

NIS is a holistic, secular school that was founded in 1993 and adopts a version of the United States curriculum that has been adapted for the linguistic and cultural needs of students from across South East Asia and beyond, with varying grade levels and backgrounds.

NIS believes in education via diversity and is a major proponent of social inclusiveness as well as global responsibility. The school has attempted to mould its campus environment in one of positivity, security, and intellectual learning- resulting in an empowered student body that is inspired to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners not only in school and in higher learning, but throughout their 21st-century lives.

US Schools Curriculum in Thailand

The school stresses on individual development and teaches students how to live meaningfully and effectively. It believes in learning beyond the classroom and offers a sports programme and athletic camps for students to train their physical abilities. This helps in the full development of students including leadership skills and self-esteem.

Nakornpayap International School follows the US national curriculum and caters to students from preschool up to the grade 12 level. At the high school level, students learn the core subjects of Maths and Science along with Information Technology, Drama, Art and Movement.

The school also has an academic access programme to help students aged 6 to 11 years who are not fluent in English to brush up on their mastery of the language. They are taught the Common Core State Standards material in a strong environment to build up children’s English abilities.

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240 Moo 6, San Phi Sua, Muang, Chiang Mai, THAILAND 50300

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