Manorom International Christian School

Manorom International Christian School is a Christian school that follows a motto of making a difference in lives, one child at a time. To begin with, the school wants to provide an individualised school in the sense that they support and promote self-learning.

Christian International School in Chai Nat

The school imparts skills essential to achieving success in each student’s life with a primary focus on character building. They use 90 Character Traits of the A.C.E. Curriculum to shape students’ characters.

Manorom International Christian School follows the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) curriculum which is an American educational curriculum focused on developing the academic performance of each student. It is followed in over 6000 schools across 145 countries.

It offers education to students at the primary, middle school and secondary levels. Based on the U.S. Schools educational model known as A.C.E, Manorom covers the Kindergarten level and the Grades 1 through 12 levels with an eye towards getting the children ready and prepared with both the academic and spiritual tools required to be able to face the challenges of the world on a day to day basis.

A.C.E. Curriculum School in Thailand

As an A.C.E. school, Manorom is regularly inspected by the continent consultant of A.C.E. to ensure the standards of quality and the A.C.E. curriculum is being properly adhered to, and the school is in the process of becoming fully accredited for international school standards certifications by international organisations that are accepted and recognised by ONESQA and the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

The school also recognises the importance of extracurricular activities as an opportunity for students to cultivate the gifts God has given them. Thus, children are given the freedom to choose what club they wish to join for safe and healthy self-expression.

The students also attend chapel service every Thursday and attend spiritual camps to learn and grow in ways that will serve to benefit them emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

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Khung Samphao, Manorom District, Chai Nat 17110, Thailand

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