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The Early Learning Centre International School, The Country School

The Early Learning Centre International School, the Country School has a cosy environment in nature that accommodates to children from 40 different countries. This school caters to students aged 2-5 and empowers them to learn and flourish before joining the International School of Bangkok.

The Country School is designed for kids from eighteen months to five years old, similar to the ELC International School, The Purple Elephant @ 55, and has been operating since 1991. The memories the children formulate at this age will form the basis for a lot of learned behaviour and experiences in the future, and therefore the charming and cosy spaces that create a sense of wonder at this facility should accommodate that nicely.

Early Learning Centre in Bangkok

The school practices limited enrolment where the class size is kept small intentionally to ensure personal attention to each student. This also enables better interaction between children and develop the first friends of life.

The Early Learning Centre offers education from preschool level to primary level. Their preschool programme involves learning through play to boost a child’s social and emotional skills.

For kindergarten level, the school uses K1 and K2 curriculum to build creativity and skills. Subjects learned include the themes of Belonging and contributing, Self Regulation and Well Being, Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematical Behaviours, Problem Solving and Innovating.

Creative Campus in Bangkok City

The building housing the Early Learning Centre International School, the Country School is surrounded by landscaped flower gardens where all kinds of birds and insects are welcome. This provides a home-like appearance making it easy for students to adapt and learn.

Teachers engage in dialogues with students and encourage them to pick up new languages. They take care to nurture students’ imagination and encourage individual creativity.

As the curriculum lays emphasis on different kinds of languages to bring out positive education outcomes, students are also taught co-curricular activities such as music and drama which helps them explore their inert talent.

  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Playground

#44 Samakee Road, T.Tasai, Muang Nonthaburi 11000

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