Kidz Village International Kindergarten

Kidz Village International Kindergarten boasts of exceptional staff and offers the British curriculum to students at preschool levels. The school follows the goal of giving each child the best beginning to education by providing the best educational experience. They understand that the first few years of school create the foundation for life-long learning and work hard to ensure the foundation is laid in the best possible way.

International Kindergarten with British Curriculum

The kindergarten grounds is located on a large plot of land with both outstanding indoor and outstanding outdoor learning spaces. The school tries very hard to provide a broad range of activities that those in early childhood would require to support their emotional and social, physical, cognitive, and linguistic development.

The school also understands the importance of creating a healthy and safe environment for students and strives to create the same. It lays a lot of emphasis on the emotional wellbeing of students and the entire staff is committed to creating a secure environment where kids can have fun while learning. The school follows The Project Approach to teaching where teachers use real-world topics and issues to connect learning the real world.

Kidz Village International Kindergarten has 4 distinct programmes – toddler programme, kindergarten programme, summer school and Saturday programme. The school follows the British curriculum and thus follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

One of the key factors that differentiate this kindergarten from all the others is the fact that classes are a help both inside and outside the classroom. The school understands that the best learning experiences take place in the natural environment and thus conducts activities in the open air to get the best possible learning outcomes.

Kidz Village recognises that a good foundational school is not just about having great facilities and plenty of resources, it is also the people. To that end, the preschool retains some of the best early years teachers who have warm personalities but are also committed to obtaining the highest learning outcomes out of their students.

Building trusting relationships with the parents and families of the students is critical to getting the best out of students, and the importance of these relationships established in early childhood as well as maintaining open communication cannot be understated.

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Sala Thammasop, Thawi Watthana, Bangkok 10170, Thailand

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