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Montessori House Phuket International School

Who are we?
As a true Montessori school, we promote joyful, self-directed learning that builds the foundation for positive character development and lasting success. In our warm and natural setting, students benefit from a rich learning environment with a distinctive Montessori program that uses Thai values, culture, and the natural world as focal points that lead to global understanding. For this reason, we emphasise quality teachers and relationships more than shiny new facilities that incubate us from the natural world. At MHP, we nurture children’s developing minds, recognizing, respecting, and celebrating the individuality and potential of every child.
Our aim is to develop each child’s unique capabilities, to foster a love of learning, and to create independent, confident, and contributing members of our community and of the world. We work to guide children on their natural course of discovery; to encourage deep thinking, problem solving and compassion for others. We welcome children without regard to race, religion, colour, or creed and celebrate students of diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences.
Paramount to everything that we can see immediately with our eyes, is the happiness of each child at our school—they usually never want to go home!

Children’s House
Our Children’s House program (or Kindergarten) is for children ages 3 to 6. Independence, self-esteem, and self-discipline are nurtured in these years, while children are introduced to the basics of academics. The prepared Montessori environment encourages increased confidence, independence, and active participation in the learning process. Children use concrete Montessori learning materials, with each child progressing at his or her own pace. Each child is encouraged to be their best self, and each child is respected as an important member of the classroom. Students receive individualized and group instruction in a cooperative and non-competitive atmosphere. English is our language of instruction, though Thai language and culture are also an integral part of our program. During the week, children also have focused work periods in art, physical education, drama, Mandarin, and music and movement.

The Lower Elementary program builds on the knowledge, skills, independence, and esteem that students have developed in the Children’s House. Having acquired the foundation of basic language, reading, writing, mathematical, and cultural skills, students are ready to explore the universe. Lower Elementary classes bring children of different ages (6-9) together, allowing students to grow into peer leaders. Children progress at their own pace; exploring mathematics, science, anthropology, civics, and the basic organisation of human societies. Language work covers word study, parts of speech, grammar, sentence analysis, creative and expository writing, and library research. In math, students progress from using concrete materials to performing abstract operations, developing a thorough comprehension of mathematical concepts and processes. Thai language and culture also continue as an important part of the program. Foreign students study Thai as a Second Language, and native Thai speakers carry on with more in depth study of the language. During the week, students have focused work periods for lessons in Thai language, culture, art, drama, Mandarin, music, permaculture, and physical education.

The Upper Elementary students are concerned with the workings of society. To meet their needs, the curriculum for the 9- to 12-year-old is based on history, geography, and science – what Dr. Montessori grouped as the cultural subjects. Each student works individually to master language skills and mathematics while studying the cultural areas as a group; a structure that facilitates both independent study and group work. During the school week, elementary students have work periods focused on art, Thai language, and Physical Education. Senior Upper Elementary children in our program are prepared to graduate and go on to a variety of educational programs.

We offer short-stays throughout the school year for families who are visiting Phuket. In the short stay, children have an opportunity to socialise and also to interact with the Montessori materials in a casual way. They are introduced to the Montessori philosophy as they learn that it is safe, encouraged even, for them to be themselves in and out of the classroom. The smiles on their faces tell stories of happiness and of a system well-worth the short time. School fees and accommodation are paid on a Pro Rata basis according to the season.
Our full-time summer school program runs during the month of July and includes daily activities as well as weekly field trips. We accept children of all ages for this program.
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