Prep International Kindergarten, Sutthisan Campus

Prep International Kindergarten, Sutthisan Campus has been established with the belief that education is a profound process and it changes lives. It seeks to provide a quality education which allows your child to lead a happy and prosperous life.

Montessori International Kindergarten in Bangkok

The school strongly believes that a child’s early experiences are crucial in shaping how they respond to future situations and guides their adult lives. In this school, pupils are placed in a planned and structured learning environment where they develop various fundamental skills and positive attitudes towards learning. The school makes the pupils read for elementary schools.

Prep shares a vision with many parents that young children should love attending school with an inquisitive mind, and will find themselves flourishing in a carefully structured yet supportive learning environment. Prep International is founded on a combination of Montessori and a creative curriculum within a serene green garden setting, providing a solid, holistic foundation of preschool education.

Creative Curriculum

Prep International Kindergarten, Sutthisan Campus follows the motto that play is the primary language of children. The school creates independent learners who possess a love for learning.

The school also provides a safe and natural environment where learning is encouraged. It recognises the uniqueness of each child and offers them opportunities for active learning.

The school uses a well-structured creative curriculum which includes a lot of fun activities. It follows the Montessori method of learning. Some of the characteristics of the Prep Montessori programme are the natural inner guidance from nature, various planes of development starting with the first plane involving the formation of basic personality and absorbing information through their senses (such as acquiring language), concentration on some form of physical activity of the child’s choosing, the child having an absorbent mind that is naturally incorporating elements of their experience into the development of their whole character, individualised instruction from the trained instructors via materials and lesson plans, and many more

Apart from the curriculum, the school arranges a lot of cultural activities which impart important lessons to each child.

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78 Soi Song Sakun, Suthisarn Rd, Samsaenook, Huay Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310

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