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ELC International School, The City School

ELC International School, The City School believes in the joy of learning. This international kindergarten and primary school seeks to understand a child’s learning curve through the level of optimism shown by him/her.

Unlike its sister schools the ELC International School, The Purple Elephant @ 55  and the Early Learning Centre International School, the Country School, the City School does not cater to preschoolers aged 18 months to 5 years. Instead the City School’s students are aged between three to eleven years old and are of kindergarten and primary school learning capabilities.

ELC International School’s Kindergarten & Primary Campus

Like the Purple Elephant 55 campus, it is located at the quiet Thonglor neighbourhood of Bangkok, with one of the most lovely early years education campuses located within a major city where an international community resides. The aesthetically pleasing campus inspires plenty of opportunities for inquiry-based learning, where the teachers and students work together to explore a variety of curricular topics across multiple disciplines.

The management believes that a child’s enthusiasm to study is directly related to how he/she comprehends the world and seeks to create an ideal environment where the curiosity and joy of a young mind are nurtured to obtain knowledge. The school defines itself as a multicultural family comprising of children, parents and teachers.

The curriculum followed is Canada’s Ontario Curriculum. However, the ELC International School, The City School differs from conventional education methodology and imparts knowledge in subjects like English, Science, Language, Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics in an innovative manner.

Canadian International School Curriculum in Bangkok

This is an international kindergarten and primary school that experiments with learning methodologies, so that each student is able to absorb knowledge as per his/her learning potential. This helps in the holistic growth of a child and helps him/her move to a middle school level.

The Early Learning Centre International School, The City School offers preschool and primary levels. The school building consists of a sprawling garden and open lawns. Students enjoy themselves while playing with each other.

The surrounding natural environment dotted with trees and plants provides students with an opportunity to get a first-hand education about nature. The school premises also hosts various play equipment which supports the physical and social development of each student.

  • Auditorium
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Playground

18 Soi 49/4 Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok 10110

  • Preschool
  • Primary
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