John Wyatt Montessori Bangkok

John Wyatt Montessori Bangkok

John Wyatt Montessori Bangkok was established by Dr John Wyatt, an educationist, a mentor and a guide who introduced the Montessori philosophy to the school team. The school has successfully implemented the Montessori approach which has emerged from observing the activity of communities of children in a prepared environment.

The school’s director says that they serve the local communities by offering a high quality, highly authentic Montessori education at their two campuses, the Bangkok campus and the John Wyatt Montessori Nongdon campus.

Montessori Method School in Thailand

The Montessori method has been designed to provide maximum freedom to children. At each stage, students go through a range of physical, emotional, psychological, social and intellectual requirement which is duly addressed in this system. The school has given sufficient attention to ensuring children feel free and secure in a home-like environment. The school is child-friendly and is tailored to promote learning.

The John Wyatt Montessori Bangkok campus offers several programmes for children. The toddler community programme is meant for students aged 18 months to 3 years. In this programme, toddlers grow up in a home like an environment where they experience the first structured contact with children.

This programme focuses on the environment and intends to stimulate senses, enrich language, improve concentration and build independence for cultivating self-esteem and self-confidence in their own intellectual capacity.

High Quality International Education

John Wyatt Montessori Nongdon provides a true child-focused academic programme, hewing close to the Montessori philosophy from the Pre-primary stage up to Adolescent level. The facility is housed in a lovely building that simulates the feeling of homeliness, designed by architects who specialise in the design of Montessori centres.

In a relaxed and unhindered environment, children are free to explore various areas of knowledge they are interested in, to learn to play nice and cooperate with their peers, and to display their independence within the acceptable guidelines as laid out by the trained Montessori educators.

The primary programme has been designed for children aged 3-6 years where students develop key skills such as self-discipline, self-esteem, concentration, responsibility, creativity and social skills. The elementary programme is meant for students aged 6-12 years where children learn both inside and outside the classroom. In this programme, students are encouraged to go out and explore the world.

The adolescent programme has been developed for students aged 12-18 years which built-in activities to make students comfortable with the growing up period. Through adult learning techniques such as reading, discussing and applying the learning in the real world, students learn crucial aspects of life.

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