International Montessori Center

International Montessori Center, Bangkok was established in 1991 with a belief that children learn more in the first six years of their lives than at any other time. The school provides a stimulating and child-oriented environment where students can explore, learn and touch without any fear.

International Montessori Method Centre in Bangkok

The school brings out the best potential in every student and helps to create the unique identity of each young learner. Ramkhamhaeng’s Montessori International Center is one of the first and foremost Montessori schools for kindergarten and nursery students in Bangkok.

International Montessori Center keeps a positive attitude toward learning and encourages children to ask questions. The school motivates children to develop their full potential so that they can face future challenges without any fear.

The centre incorporates the Montessori approach with traditional education in order to provide a comprehensive education to improve the personality, imagination and speech of the child.

The Montessori method has been scientifically proven over a hundred plus years to heighten a child’s ability and desire for learning at an exponential rate. Specially designed classrooms and exclusive Montessori equipment allow the educators to provide precisely structured learning opportunities in the school’s library, Montessori lounge, art centre, enclosed gymnasium or music room for as long as needed.

International Kindergarten in Bangkok

The school understands that each child has a unique identity and works hard to create a special personality for each. The school also builds trust between students and teachers. The school also imparts strong moral values in children.

The school consists of all the facilities required to help a child’s development. Apart from interactive classrooms, the school also has a Montessori room, art room, music room, indoor gym and others.

The campus is surrounded with greenery which ensures a clean pollution free environment for students. Students are encouraged to explore nature which results in a holistic learning encompassing physical, mental, emotional and social aspects.

Overall, the school ensures that students have a smooth transition from preschool to primary level in their education journey.

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  • Music Room

251/183 Sammakorn Village Soi 58, Ramkamhaeng Road (Soi 112), Sapansoong, Bangkok Thailand 10240

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