PPMAS-SINGAPORE International School

PPMAS-SINGAPORE International School follows a mission to develop students into young scholars through academic excellence and imparting values such as pride, positivity, morality and sportsmanship. Each student is encouraged to think and explore situations and ideas using problem-solving techniques. The school encourages students to develop morality, ethical perspective, computer skills, linguistic skills, and other values.

Singapore International School in Thailand

PPMAS stands for Positivity, Pride, Morality, Academics, and Sportsmanship and originates from the Praphamontree Affiliated Schools, which for more than three decades has been successfully turning out both intellectually and ethically capable young learners. Aiming to become internationally competitive in the constantly evolving global education scene, the innovative new schooling programme PPMAS-SINGAPORE was initiated.

The school offers preschool and primary levels and follows the Singapore curriculum. The PPMAS-SINGAPORE curriculum is unique for a few different traits such as incorporating scientific methodology, integrating two special rooms (one incorporating ICT and smart boards for experiential learning, and another for enhancing kinesthetic development / motor skills), and applying evidence-based research findings to cultivate a collaborative learning culture.

It creates a happy environment where students feel at home at all times. The school places value in learning being extended beyond the curriculum, with each extra curricular activity designed to help each child to discover, share, grow, and enjoy themselves too.

The PPMAS Education Method

The PPMAS-SINGAPORE International School also imparts skills such as art, music and a knowledge of cultural heritage in children. Students learn to live and work in a harmonious way.

The school considers promoting an international and intercultural understanding to be its first priority. It celebrates cultural diversity among the teaching staff and the entire school community.

The school is committed to building strong relationships which are free from cultural, racial, religious and gender prejudice and discrimination. The school creates a collaborative way of learning and recognizes respecting others as a core value. The school also teaches students to respect the environment and work towards building a sustainable future. This helps students become all-around individuals and cultivate a passion for life-long learning.

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99/551 Moo 8 Phanason City Village, Srinakarin Road, Bang Muang, Muang SamutPrakarn 10270

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