Dragon International School

Dragon International School is a reputed preschool in Nonthaburi which adheres to a standard of quality in order to be considered as a leading Early Childhood Education provider of quality in the Asia Pacific region. The school’s mission is to create a joyful learning journey that begins from a young age and continues throughout their lives- fulfilling a lifetime culmination of academic wisdom and knowledge.

International School in Central Thailand

With a school motto that states “Educating Happy Lifelong Learners”, it falls to the school’s management and teaching faculty to offer the latest in scholastic programmes that will take note of a child’s progressive development, while simultaneously including a learning centre type of approach, whereby an integrated, thematic, and all-around comprehensive academic system- yet retaining one of the central aims which is to continually strengthen critical thinking talents among its young charges.

This helps in developing a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in children. The school’s motto is to educate happy lifelong learners. Its aim is to provide up-to-date educational programmes which acknowledge child development and include a thematic, integrated, holistic, learning centre approach with a focus on developing critical thinking.

Educating Happy Lifelong Learners

The Dragon International School follows the Singapore curriculum and shares the desired outcomes of the curriculum. The education philosophy is inspired by the iTEACH method, useful of imparting the six core tenets that the school believes is central to building a firm base to advance to the following learning stage.

The iTEACH acronym represents ‘i’ for integrated learning, ‘T’ for teachers as learning and knowledge enablers, ‘E’ for engaging young learners in play-based learning ideologies, ‘A’ for ample interaction opportunities, whereas ‘C’ is for children who are actively engaged in learning possibilities. Lastly, ‘H’ signifies the holistic development criteria inherent in picking up new learning outcomes.

This international school aims to create students who are willing to share and take turns with others, know what is right and what is wrong, be able to relate to others, be curious and able to explore, be able to listen and speak with understanding, be comfortable and happy with themselves, have developed physical coordination and healthy habits, love their families, friends, teachers and schools.

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189 Moo 3 Nakorn-In Road, Bang Ku Vieng, Bang Kruay, Nonthaburi , Thailand 11130

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  • Singapore National Curriculum

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