One World International School

One World International School offers and multicultural and nurturing learning environment which aims to develop the students as inquisitive, independent, and lifelong learners. The curriculum aims to foster an international perspective and global citizenship.

The School is part of the Global School Foundation (GSF), a non-profit organisation based in Singapore, that educates students of more than 50 nationalities. Standing strong on its motto ‘One with the World’, OWIS provides a value-based education that prepares the children to face the many revolutionary challenges of the 21st century world.

IB Primary Years Programme

One World International School offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP). The programme is paired with a well structured extra curricular programme that centers on developing students into all rounders in both academics and extracurricular involvement. The teaching methods that are implemented focuses on establishing critical and unique thinking skills in the students through a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

The school also referred to as ‘OWIS’ addresses their students with an individualised approach to the learning process, introducing them to a rigorous international curriculum that equips them with what they need in order to grow and succeed. The parents and families can also have some peace of mind knowing their children are benefiting from a quality education that challenges them, yet also coaxes their wonder and satisfaction in their own accomplishments.

Their IB and also the IGCSE curricula fosters a deeper understanding of the world and it’s many related facets via inquiry-based learning, and merging this approach with the utilisation of technology to deliver the lesson’s instruction more effectively and resonantly.

In order to cater to their large student population that exceeds over 50 different nationalities, OWIS is fitted with spacious classrooms that are further equipped with state of the art technology such as iPads and Macbooks to enhance the learning and teaching process. Parents should note the school’s fees takes all of this into account, but with the ultimate objective of proofing your child’s future against any foreseeable technological outcome or expectation.

International Schooling Community of One World International School

OWIS is proud of the international schooling community they have built (the faculty is from all over the world as well) where the children grow up embracing diversity. In fact, the school caps admissions from each nationality at a maximum of 30%, ensuring the student body is inclusive of pupils from a varied array of backgrounds, cultures, religious beliefs, and geographic locations.

The school has a modern campus providing everything that parents and children have come to expect from a comprehensive, well rounded education. The teaching staff embrace the cutting edge technology being put to use in their classrooms, but the campus will also be a supportive proponent of outdoor learning opportunities, such as the Nature Kindergarten.

Furthermore, the school also has a library, an extensive selection of sports facilities and specialised classrooms that can be used for various purposes such as Art, Science, Music, Drama and more. The school has indoor sports facilities like basketball court and large field for ball games like soccer. Students also benefit from the high quality swimming programme held next to the school.

Young children have extensive space and playground equipment for play and activities.

  • Basketball Court
  • Interactive Boards
  • Library
  • Playground

696 Upper Changi Road East, Singapore 486 826

  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • International Baccalaureate

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