EtonHouse International School Orchard Campus

EtonHouse International School Orchard describes itself as an innovative boutique campus located at the heart of the city. The school offers programmes aligns to the international best practices. The school offers the British curriculum to students of primary, secondary and high school levels.

Internationally Recognised Curriculum

EtonHouse International School Orchard has adopted an inquiry-based approach inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (or PYP), whereby their integrated curriculum encompasses the physical, emotional, social, and cultural needs of the whole child. Students are eventually offered IB Diploma Subjects where they study 6 subject groups – studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, experimental Sciences, Mathematics and Arts. The curriculum is designed to instill creativity and critical thinking skills.

At the secondary school level, the school practices a fluid interdisciplinary system that allows for the learning outcomes from one subject to flow into others, consolidating learning outcomes as long as the student makes meaningful, relatable connections via experiential tasks and assignments. An example of this approach would be learning about map navigation and compass points in Geography class, which might feed into studying how to calculate coordinates and degrees, in Maths class.

EtonHouse International School’s internationally recognised secondary school curriculum makes use of a fusion of information technology and inquiry-based learning to cultivate new skills while enhancing existing skills in their students. In Years 9, 10 and 11, the curriculum evolves into the respected IGCSEs, which gives them good good grounding for taking the IB Diploma at the high school level.

Now at the crossroads between the Industrial Revolution kicked off in the late 1800’s and the modern day technological revolution that is making rapid leaps on a regular basis right now, EtonHouse has initiated their SMART programme that focuses on the Science, Maths, Art, Research, and Technology subjects that is driving both the modern day industries, as well as the industries of tomorrow. The education ‘industry’ has also come a long way, and the EtonHouse is likewise redefining their education methods to meet the new opportunities offered.

Bilingual International School Courses of EtonHouse International School

The rigorous curriculum pushes students to scale new heights and prepares them for the real world. EtonHouse was one of the first international schools in Singapore to offer bilingual courses. Apart from English, students can learn additional languages such as Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish. The dynamic exploration of cultures as studied through the lense of languages, provides young learners with the opportunity to begin developing their sense of international mindedness.

The school offers innovative and exciting Specialist lessons, where students learn the performing arts, physical education, music, ICT topics and the visual arts. These Specialist lessons provide aid in classroom inquiries and aim to guarantee a well balanced, holistic scholastic development.

EtonHouse International School Orchard Campus Singapore is the flagship school of the Etonhouse International Education Group. The group has more than 100 schools in 11 countries. The school follows a vision of shaping the future through education. They also strive to develop confident and capable global citizens.

The school sees a child as a curious, communicative, capable, confident and respected individual. Over the years EtonHouse has proven itself as a competent education body. Teachers from the different EtonHouse campuses across the world brainstorm to design the curriculum following the best practices of international schools worldwide.

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