Singapore American School

From humble beginnings with 105 students attending classes in colonial style bungalows, Singapore American School has grown into a full blown 36-acre campus educating more than 4000 students who are proud to be a part of the veteran institution. Laying its foundation in 1956, the journey of SAS has been as exciting as the development of the country it resides in.

International School in Woodlands

With over six decades of providing students with an exceptional experience in American education, SAS continues to stand the test of time adopting a new vision of “A World Leader in Education, Cultivating Exceptional Thinkers, Prepared for the Future.” Be it the visit of Muhammad Ali in 1974, or President and Mrs. Bush in 1992, the legacy and charm of SAS has always been undeniable.

Over the years since it’s inception, the school has become known for it’s dependable culture of cultivating high performance, nurturing students, and creating an atmosphere where the possibilities seem endless. The students’ passions are encouraged, in tandem with a deep commitment to personal and intellectual exploration. An SAS student is being taught at highly personalised levels, where the faculty and administration get to know each student, and advocate for their personal learning growth.

It has always focused on creating an environment that is vibrant, engaging, critical, active and above all, student-centric. The Singapore American School is an institution that not only prioritises academics but gives its students a chance to excel in the arts, athletics and other activities as well.

SAS teaching staff has been educating at the school for an average of 7 years, one of the highest faculty retention rates in the country. Research shows that the relationship between students and teachers tends to have the biggest impact on academic performance, and the outstanding student results at this school prove that. Those academic results combined with the exemplary team of high school counselors has lead to SAS students being accepted at some of the best universities in the world.

American Education in Singapore

The traditional academic subjects are coupled with a host of extracurricular opportunities like art, music, sports, dance, foreign languages, technology, physical education and community service. On the other hand, the air-conditioned rooms, library, gym and theatres are well-balanced with lush green rainforest, fountain, courtyard, eco garden and playing areas.

Singapore being a multilingual country, Singapore American School has an intensive Chinese language immersion programme, where students work on their spoken fluency while practicing their reading, writing, and comprehension abilities.

Even before the independence of Singapore, SAS started its school in a private house with a science lab which was held in garage, preschool and music in servant quarters and student assembly in the dining hall. The school is now located in a 36-acre spacious campus with exclusive facilities which support opportunities for a wide range of extracurricular activities for the students.

Apart from the academic excellence and admissions in highly recognised colleges, the alumni of SAS fondly remember the rich legacy of memories that SAS has left with them. Be it global travel opportunities, projects, cafeteria food or friendships, students acknowledge that SAS is a journey that they can cherish forever.

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