ISS International School

ISS International School, or just known as ISS, is unique in its approach of delivering the programmes. It ensures the success of each of its students by providing a learning environment that nurtures the students individually while building upon their specific needs, interests and abilities in different spheres.

The school’s mission is to supply a multicultural educational environment for their student population to achieve scholastic success and personal growth, while still becoming socially responsible citizens of the world. To this end, ISS empowers her students towards reaching their aspirations by providing them with an inclusive, supportive environment on their campuses.

International School of Singapore

Founded in 1981 as the International School of Singapore, ISS has offered a bespoke international educational experience for three decades, and is now welcoming students to their Primary Years Programme (PYP) which is from Early Years to Grade 5, followed by their Middle Years Programme (MYP) which is Grades 6 – 10, and finally the IB Diploma Programme from Grade 11 to Grade 12.

The ISS school’s approach to curriculum is planning and delivering a student needs centred approach in a dynamic pattern, in order to capture and hold the students’ attention, and to develop further understanding. The educators at ISS create individual student strategies to help them strive both academically and emotionally.

The low teacher-child ratio ensures that learning is customised according to the specific needs of the students by creating individual strategies to help them achieve academic and personal excellence. According to the Head of School, ISS is the most established three programme IB World School in the country of Singapore.

In addition to the IB programme that is offered at ISS International School Singapore, the institution also emphasises on extra curricular activities for the all-round development of the students. The extracurricular activities are not just limited to sports, but covers other areas such as arts, craft, music, creative clubs and service.

ISS Preston & Paterson Campus

ISS Preston campus is located on a beautiful hilltop which is just a 15 mins drive from the Paterson campus. The serene natural environment of the place is balanced with a holistic curriculum for the all round development of the students.

ISS Preston, encourages the high school students to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities in the areas of creativity, activity and service. These include creativity clubs like aquarium club, Mandarin club, film making club, TEDx; activities like basketball, tennis, dance, baseball and badminton; and service activities like Relay for life, Rainbow charity and Lakeside family centre.

Students attending the Preston Campus will benefit from the array of facilities that the campus houses such as sports facilities, classrooms, science laboratories, libraries, computer laboratories that are fitted with state of the art desktops, multimedia technology such as projectors and screens to be used in the teaching and learning process.

This school was one of the first international schools of all in Singapore, founded by the current school Chairman Mr Chan See Cheng, who was a former statesman with a deep rooted love of learning, and who strongly believed in the importance of a good education. His vision for an inclusive international school withing a bustling cosmopolitan district led to the formation of the school that is now ISS, with a current day student population comprised of more than 50 nationalities.

  • Basketball Court
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  • Computer Laboratory
  • Library

25 Paterson Road, Singapore 238 510

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