Integrated International School

Integrated International School was set up to help children ride the stairway to success. The school strongly believes that a lot of factors contribute to a child’s success. It also believes that no child is the same and therefore provides a personalised learning experience to each student.

This school located in  Clementi Arcade, offers an international education based on the Australian standard curriculum, from Preschool up to Year 10. The school’s belief is that along with a vigorous academic syllabus, young growing learners require a solid socio-emotional curriculum in order to achieve their fullest in an all-rounded, holistic education.

Australian Education in Singapore

The school creates a challenging environment where students create their own definition of success, embracing individuality and in fact, encouraging uniqueness. Lesson plans are adopted to match individual strengths, with the goal of redefining the notion of what students (and parents as well) consider to be success, by emphasising the child’s own strengths, talents, and natural abilities- while simultaneously cultivating a life-long love of learning.

Speaking of parents, the bespoke and inclusive manner that Integrated International School is run, means that the parents needs are heard, along with the students’. Families can book a tour with the school’s admissions team, and along with the admission process will be a family interview, if necessary. This is because the Integrated International School believes in educating the child, the family, and the community too- so for that reason they require the presence of both parents if possible, along with the prospective student, for the interview process.

This highly personalised approach is because this relatively new international school- founded in 2009 by leading Asian child expert Dr Vanessa von Auer- does not subscribe to the “one size fits all” learning philosophy, instead offering two experiential teaching/learning journeys: firstly the mainstream approach to indoctrinating the Australian curriculum, or secondly the mainstream approach with individualised support.

Individualised International School

Experiencing both approaches in tandem means that each student receives the diversified and individualised learning experience that each child deserves, celebrating each person’s uniqueness while providing the adequate support to excel. High teacher-to-student ratios are extremely helpful in this regard, allowing for that personal attention and empowering the children to respond independently as well.

In the primary school, the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:4, while in the secondary school the ratio is 1:6 which makes the classes small enough and flexible enough to interests and learning preferences of each student. The school’s Support Services can readily supply Individualised Education Plans (also known as IEPs) upon request; and also arrange for other learning support services such as behavioural counselling, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training, and more.

Integrated International School supports each child in their learning curve and gives students the opportunity to emerge as great human beings. The school follows a vision to change the way success is defined in Singapore by providing a holistic education. It provides tailored mainstream educational experience with a global perspective and creates a supportive learning environment to suit individual student’s styles. It follows three core values – kindness and respect, community and redefining success.

Although the school’s facilities are not as vast as many international schools, it offers purpose-built facilities which have been designed keeping students in mind. It creates a warm and safe environment where students love to learn and grow. The school uses surrounding community spaces and has a beautiful green outdoor area. Indoor facilities include a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory ocean snoezelen room, an indoor jungle gym, and private suits for support staff.

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41 Sunset Way, #01-01 Clementi Arcade. Singapore 597071

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