Kinder Bear Academy International Preschool

Kinder Bear Academy International Preschool follows the vision of creating students who actively pursue learning, feel self-empowered to reach their full potential, think independently, care for others, lead with strength and follow with respect, experience wonders and promote peace and become humble citizens.

International Kindergarten & Preschool in Bangkok

The school believes that every child is unique and possesses the natural potential to grow and develop. The school provides all kinds of assistance to nurture this potential to ensure that children grow up to be independent and confident individuals. The school follows the Singaporean curriculum, with the core guiding principles of the Montessori method, as laid down by the Italian founder Maria Montessori of the educational method.

The Montessori portion of the curriculum covers five areas: practical life activities as exercises that help develop an orderly thought process; a sensory perception area where the activities teach the child to learn through his senses; language whereby the child learns to associate sounds with alphabets; learning math first with physical presentation materials before moving on to abstract mathematical concepts; and finally, a cultural area where the children are exposed to, and learn about the environment around them.

However, the syllabus has been planned to keep 6 learning goals in mind – personal, social and emotional development, communication skills, language and literacy, Mathematical skills, physical development, creative development and understanding of the world.

Montessori Method in Thailand

The Kinder Bear Academy International Preschool ensures that students learn through fun and enjoyment. Each child is given time to grasp knowledge at his/her own pace. The school also incorporates a lot of activity such as singing, dancing, storytelling, performing arts and crafts and physical activity to ensure students feel engaged.

The preschool plans hands-on activities and hopefully meaningful expectations for each individual child according to their abilities and learning capabilities, believing that every child possesses a different range of potential.

The school strives to create a safe, clean and supportive environment to make sure each student grows up to understand his/her full potential. The school curriculum covers 5 specific areas – practical, sensors, language, Mathematics and culture. The school arranges various events and celebrations such as happy Friday, splash play, birthday celebration and others to ensure students have maximum fun.

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159 Soi Nuanchan 36, NuanchanRd.,Nuanchan,Buengkoom, Bangkok, 10230, Thailand

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  • Singapore National Curriculum

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