Silvermine Bay School

Formerly known as Mui Wo OWLS School and Kindergarten, the Silvermine Bay School offers the highest quality education to its students in a fun and safe environment. Silvermine Bay School keeps the class size small, enabling comfortable and effective communication between students and teachers. The school also cooperates with parents to create a challenging and stimulating education that allows children to realise their full potential.

International Primary School on Silvermine Bay

As the school’s new name implies, the Silvermine Bay School is located on a stunning spot in Silvermine Bay on Lantau Island, and is a Lantau private school for international students. Among the school’s areas of focus are personalised learning experiences, emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, English, Maths) core subjects, globalised perspectives, and a physical focus on sports or physical education at twice a week.

The school’s vision is to create a learning community, intended to inspire the following generations to flourish and make the world a better place not just for their community, but everyone they come in to contact with. This primary school five building blocks to happiness and well-being which were coined by positive psychology pioneer Dr. Martin Seligman known as PERMA.

PERMA stands for Positive Emotions (positive attitude in school), Engagement (students actively engaged in their learning process), Relationships (maintaining a good rapport with teachers and classmates), Meaning (students have belief in what their learning and that it could lead to something), and Achievement (effective learning experiences lead to a satisfying sense of accomplishment).

Silvermine Bay School understands that all students have their own talents and potentials to be explored differently. Following the British Curriculum, the school is determined to apply its unique learning approach to help children explore their talents.

Cambridge International Primary Curriculum

The British national curriculum has been modified to suit the local needs of the Hong Kong based resident population, such as the English and Mathematics syllabus being based on the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum and being combined with other materials, to enable the children to exceed the expectations placed upon them by the English primary schooling system.

The school’s Reception Class, or the Early Years Foundation Stage, builds a solid stable foundation to fully prepare them for the rigours of the upcoming full primary curriculum. The subjects would include English, maths, science, Mandarin, History with Global Perspectives, Geography with Global Perspectives, computing, art & design, drama, music, design & technology, physical education and not to forget Personal, Social, and Health Education.

Silvermine Bay School forms sound teaching strategies that allow its children to develop independent learning skills. Multi-age classes offered by the school provide a firm learning ground for students to revisit the basics of reading, writing and calculating. The school’s small-sized classes allow teachers to spend time with every student, enabling them to monitor each child’s learning abilities, including identifying and guiding children with individual needs.

Equipped with innovative and creative teaching methods, the former Mui Wo OWLS’ teachers constantly encourage students to participate in activities that sharpen their thinking skills and creativity, allowing space for them to discover and hone their personal skills and talents. The school’s small size creates a family feeling with everyone knowing and supporting each other, with plenty of opportunity for students to express themselves and display their creative talents.

  • Computer Laboratory
  • Football Field
  • Music Room
  • Science Laboratory

1st Floor, Unit A, Silver Centre Building 10 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Hong Kong

  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • British National Curriculum
  • International Primary Curriculum