Korean International School of Hong Kong

Established in 1988, the Korean International School of Hong Kong (or better known as KIS)consists of reputable professionals who dedicate their lives to teaching young people and shaping the next generation. The KIS community aims to make the school a space where every student is encouraged to participate in the most meaningful, stimulating and fun learning experience.

The school principal would like every person to enters the campus to be filled with smiles and laughter, believing that happy students will actively want to learn and to attend classes every day. The students follow a structured, fast-paced curriculum version of the National Curriculum of England, and the students will eventually take the Cambridge National Examinations.

He also believes that excelling in academics can be individualised to provide each child the opportunity to achieve their academic potential without sacrificing their health and happiness, becoming well-rounded individuals in the process. Meanwhile the learning can be done in a fun, safe, and challenging atmosphere which makes the most out of representing the host country’s culture, while still celebrating an individual’s culture and identity.

British International School Education of Korean International School Hong Kong

Along with the Korean Curriculum that is compulsory for the students of Korean ancestry, all international students aged from 4 years old to 18 years old will follow the distinctive British curriculum in which the teachers are passionate and determined to deliver high quality and memorable learning experiences.

This British style academic education for an international school in Hong Kong is especially designed for the significant English speaking community on the island. The adapted curriculum offers tight bench marking, is wide recognised worldwide and especially in English-speaking countries, and is therefore highly transferable within various countries that also practice some form of this syllabus, such as schools designated British, British International, and English medium schools (outside of England and the British Isles, these medium schools are usually located in countries that were also former colonial outposts of the British Empire).

The Korean International School of Hong Kong aims to provide challenges, offers opportunities, and entrusts responsibility in their community members- with the outlook of making them global citizens via the cultivation of personal excellence, and by equipping them with the mentality to acquire highly transferable skills.

Korean Education in Hong Kong

The excellent curriculum approach allows Korean International School (KIS) students to develop and realise their potentials in becoming leaders that could bring a positive change to the world. The school community constantly encourages the students to make learning a never-ending process of exploring and investigating by providing support and nurturing their talents.

In KIS, students are also taught to be resourceful, curious, creative, and independent. KIS takes pride in its students’ achievements as this is proof that the school has a team of educators that could successfully nurture students in a challenging learning environment. The teachers are the source of many of the memorable moments and rich learning opportunities available, inspiring hope, igniting the imagination, and instilling a lifelong love of learning.

KIS requires all pupils to take external Cambridge University examinations at the end of their Year 6, Year 9, as well as exams during their Year 10, Year 11, and Year 12. There will be additional fees involved for parents, involving the costs incurred to take this tests and the supervision involved. Examples would be the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint at the end of Year 6 that covers all the work the students have done in Year 4, Year 5, and Year 6. There are similar tests for Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and the sciences.

At the Year 12 and Year 13 stages, students can take the Cambridge International AS and A2 Level Courses. For Year 12, the pupils select up to 4 subjects from English, Mathematics, the Sciences, Humanities, Languages, & Creative and Professional studies.

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