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International College Hong Kong Secondary

Opened 10 years ago, the International College Hong Kong or more widely known as ICHK, Secondary school is recognised by Cambridge University as one of their top 100 schools especially from the innovation standpoint- offering its learners more flexibility, choice, work practices, and opportunities to develop outside the classroom.

ICHK cares for its students and aims to offer the best education that ensures a happy and rewarding learning experience. The school creates a safe and trustworthy learning environment adorned with trust and constant growth for learners to perform in all aspects. The school is spread across two campuses, with separate learning areas for Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary levels.

ICHK New Territories

One of the main thrusts of ICHK is that everyone is learning collectively together: be it students, teachers, administrators, leaders, individuals, or anyone else who works together with the school. As mentioned the school is pioneering innovation, having developed a unique curriculum that brings together the best elements from a variety of international programmes, and added together some of their own characteristic features, blends them all together to form a stimulating and challenging educational journey- which is a shared vision that the teachers and other educators also share, as they strive to be the teaching faculty they can possibly be.

Alumni of ICHK Secondary school graduate with internationally recognised academic qualifications, while simultaneously acquiring essential life traits such as leadership, personal resilience, collaboration, independent and criticial thinking skills. The school’s pedagogic approach is described as flexible, responsive, attentive to detail, and open and changeable according to the creativity and innovation of both the student and the programme.

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, International College Hong Kong Secondary prepares its students to face the challenges of the world by providing an evolved curriculum packed with essential skills for them to be trustworthy leaders of the future.

The school’s innovative curriculum provides a learning journey that is challenging but stimulating. This helps students grow in terms of resilience and to develop the right attitudes and mindsets that lead them to success. To create all-rounded students, ICHK also encourages its students to get involved in various activities like sports, drama productions, outdoor expeditions, and service projects.

IB World School

The school is always working hard to maintain their student assessments at a consistently high calibre, and that the assessments are promoting a progressive mindset among the students, and remains a critical tool for learning development. This kind of thoughtful and measured approach to learning outcomes has garnered global recognition, resulting in the school receiving renewed interest from overseas in recent years myriad aspects of ICHK including the curricula and in-house innovations.

The two campuses of this academic institute is unlike most school locations, as they can be found at two beautifully green locales in Hong Kong’s New Territories, which are some of the few remaining nature reserve zones left on the island. The ICHK Secondary campus is situated just a short distance from the idyllic Plover Cove and the well known Mai Po Nature Reserve- being located next to such a ecologically diverse neighbourhood, the school has numerous outdoor learning programmes and opportunities.

Students get to experience first hand about learning sustainable living, and developing an attitude of care and consideration for the environment. They can conduct experiments and fieldwork outside and occasionally in the original natural habitat, such as field trips to study the adjoining mangrove farms.

And unlike the vast majority of schools, ICHK pupils can partake in a wide range of sporting and after school activities such as kayaking, hiking, sailing, and cross country running, making full use of the country parks and the nearby coastline.

  • Art Studio
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  • Basketball Court

60 Sha Tau Kok Road, Shek Chung Au, Hong Kong

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