Christian Alliance International School

Often known as CAIS, the Christian Alliance International School aims to nurture inquisitive learners who possess crucial skills that coupled with the knowledge, integrity, plus the evergreen love for God, and the service to humanity by promoting curiosity and positive attitudes towards achieving their learning outcomes.

Christian International School in Hong Kong

The school is actively involved in supporting young people throughout their growth curve, actively engaging with them in an atmosphere of high expectations, yet giving adequate support by providing love and clear goal-driven objectives, via steadfast spiritual, physical, and moral guidance, complementing the solid academic performance that CAIS is recognisable for.

In fact the school is consistently one of the highest performers in national public examinations, with an impressive track record of CAIS students gaining admission into many of the most challenging course tracks at many of the most competitive universities around the country and the world.

Christian Alliance International School believes that education brings out the potential of every learner. Equipped with the Alberta Curriculum, the school strives to create a learning environment filled with comprehensive approaches while fulfilling the needs of its students. Besides nurturing students with necessary and meaningful knowledge and skills, CAIS emphasizes on its students’ character development as it aims to produce students who could grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually.

International Primary & Secondary School in HK

This historic school also possesses a rich variety of extra curricular activities ranging from music to drama to sports, in addition to a whole host of others. While the recreational nature of these ECA are admirable, but these activities also nurture the development of a variety of other skills besides the academic variety.

CAIS practices the world class Alberta Curriculum, which emphasises a rigorous academic culture but supports the development of the whole child through spiritual growth, athletic development, cultivation of the arts in Advanced Placement courses and elsewhere. This approach means students are engaged in all these areas within the classroom itself.

By means of its Primary School and Secondary School course offerings, students at the Christian Alliance International School will discover their natural gifts while developing all new ones, enjoy fulfilling wholesome relationships with both teaching staff and their peers, and experience a fulfilling sense of ownership and purpose within the school itself. 

Additionally their character will be built up, and they will learn to accept others and treat them with respect and dignity.


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