Lantau International School Tong Fuk Campus

Lantau International School Tong Fuk Campus

Since 1995, Lantau International School Tong Fuk Campus (LIS) has been practising an approach in education that helps create excellent achievers who could also excel socially and academically. The LIS alumni enrolls their children to the school as it is known for its outstanding academic achievement for years.

International Primary School on Lantau Island

LIS sports three separate campuses from Reception Class to Upper Primary across Lantau Island, and the school group says that LIS also stands for their values of:

  • Learning (Focusing on core academic essentials such as literacy, mathematics, and science);
  • Inclusive (With students from at least 30 nationalities, LIS is an unaffiliated, secular, & apolitical private school); and
  • Supportive (The school does it’s utmost to support parents in academics as well a range of extra-curricular programmes and summer camps. School fees are also affordable in comparison with some other international schools, and the group might provide financial assistance on a case-by-case basis when the need arises)

Lantau Tong Fuk Campus is an English language primary school located on the south side of Lantau Island. The school claims to have the greenest campus environment in the whole of Hong Kong. Utilising the British curriculum in concert with the latest in technological advancements in their classrooms, Lantau Tong Fuk Campus has one of the highest enrollment rates leading up to their secondary school of choice.

Lantau Island itself has a growing reputation among tourists and expats looking for a more green natural environment in which to bring  their families. Lantau Island is within easy reach of Hong Kong International Airport, with top notch transportation connecting to the rest of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Besides Disneyland, the Big Buddha, the golf course at Discovery Bay and the Ngong Ping cable car are some of the relaxing attractions along with the scenic beaches of South Lantau. The seasonal attractions and nature focused island life, are some of the reasons why the island sports some sizable expatriate communities, which the LIS campuses cater to.

Besides the Tong Fuk Campus, there is also the LIS Cheung Sha Campus for Lower Primary and the LIS Pui O Campus for Upper Secondary. The school has school buses that transport students from all over the island to each campus. Lantau International School is also somewhat unique in that it provides all learning material free of charge to it’s students- including stationary, workbooks, and text books.

British Curriculum Education

Lantau Tong Fuk Campus has reputable teachers who teach according to the British Curriculum. The school has a combined maximum intake of 320 students, enabling students and teachers to effectively communicate in small classes. The school also provides extensive Mandarin lessons (the communication language in Hong Kong, along with English) for its bilingual and multilingual students.

The school encourages superior learning outcomes by maintaining a student-to-teacher that does not exceed 24 students to 1 class teacher. This ensures the amount of personalised attention each student receives from their educators is maximised. Each classroom has an extensive library.

LIS puts the children first by creating green learning environments and classes that are equipped with the latest technology such as ActivBoard interactive boards, to ensure that the young pupils get to experience education in the most intriguing and comfortable way. Meanwhile homework is provided on an as-needed basis but reading daily is a base homework requirement- boosting the reading and comprehension proficiency amongst the primary school children according to their age group.

Its green surrounding encourages students to participate in outdoor activities like camping, Physical Education classes on the beach, hiking, and nature lessons. LIS also offers non-compulsory but equally exciting extra-curricular clubs like soccer, drama, choir, and dance in order for its students to explore and hone their talents.

  • Basketball Court
  • Dance Studio
  • Interactive Boards
  • Playground

DD 328 Tong Fuk Village Tong Fuk, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

  • Primary
  • British National Curriculum