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Yew Chung International School Early Childhood Education

Yew Chung International School Early Childhood Education caters to students aged 6 months up to 4 years. It is a part of Yew Chung International School group which has sister campuses in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao and Silicon Valley.

Upon completion of the early learners programme, the students can further their primary education at Yew Chung International School Primary Campus.

International Early Childhood Education in HK

This campus offers three distinct programmes – Infant and Toddler Learning Programme, Pre-nursery and Kindergarten Threes and Fours. This campus is conveniently located at the heart of Kowloon Tong, walking distance from the Kowloon Tong Telephone Exchange.

The Infant and toddler learning programme of this school has been specially designed for children aged 6 months to 2 years. The programme is completely play-based which is conducted in a nursery setting. Children attend schools for only half a day and are accompanied by an adult from the child’s family.

Children set off on their journey of education in a safe and friendly environment where children feel at home. The focus remains on the development of children’s communication and relationship building skills.

The pre-nursery stage of this school is also known as Kindergarten Twos since it is a two-year-old programme where children learn through self-discovery. The school values time and space and focuses on building positive personal relationships between children and teachers.

Bilingual Kindergarten Programme at Yew Chung International School

Children learn through various medium including painting which leads to sensory development. During this stage, the school stimulates the curiosity of students through play-based activities which are often lead by a child. This helps children grow self-confidence. Children start their journey in being bilingual at this stage when they start learning English and Cantonese.

The third programme – Kindergarten Threes and Fours, is also known as the nursery programme. This programme builds on children’s inquisitiveness and engages children in play-based activities. This helps children to grow up to be self-sufficient.

Each class is conducted by two highly qualified teachers. Apart from Cantonese, children also have the option of studying Mandarin at this stage.

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