Hong Kong Adventist Academy

Hong Kong Adventist Academy offers a Christian curriculum to students from primary up to secondary levels. The school focuses on providing a balanced development encompassing the mental, physical, social and spiritual realms.

The school provides an ideal environment for academic excellence; spiritual grounding, physical development, and creative expression. It is located within the same campus as Hong Kong Adventist College, which is located at a rural setting in Clearwater Bay. The beautiful green campus is ideal for the healthy upbringing of every child.

Christian Education in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Adventist Academy

The school believes that all children can learn when they are put in the appropriate environment and are given the right kind of support. They also believe that all teachers are mentors who can make a tremendous impact on children’s lives.

The school understands the education is much more than rote learning. Hence, it encourages students to develop all aspects of learning opportunities in the spiritual, mental, social and physical areas of their life.

It follows a balanced holistic approach to their studies can life-long learning truly take place. The balanced approach to homework allows students to optimise their learning, while still having the freedom to explore other areas of after-school interest and activities.

Holistic Education Approach

Hong Kong Adventist Academy has several affiliations and accreditations. The primary and middle school sections are accredited with the Education Bureau (EDB) of Hong Kong. The Senior secondary program is organized in affiliation with Griggs International Academy (GIA).

Apart from academics, the school offers extensive extra-curricular activities to students. Children can participate in sports and music. The school holds several music programmes from time to time.

Being a Christian school, it provides extensive insight into Christianity to students. From mission trips to Gospel week, the school conducts various programmes from time to time. Hong Kong Adventist Academy is preferred by parents looking to provide their child holistic education.

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1111 Clear Water Bay Rd, Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

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