Discovery Bay International School

The Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) creates and preserves respectful and supportive relationships among its students, teachers and parents. Studying at DBIS concerns the inspiring of students to reach for their ultimate potential, and to proactively make a difference in the lives of others.

Teachers and supportive parents share the same focus to ensure the development of the students, resulting in a unique approach in classroom lessons that enable them to concentrate on learning and growing as well-rounded individuals.

International School in Discovery Bay HK

Since 1983, Discovery Bay International School has highly valued the importance of respect, compassion, responsibility, and honesty amongst everyone involved in DBIS operations including students, teachers, parents, and the community. It constantly encourages its students to have a global mindset and to embrace diversity as well as to celebrate individuality.

The school aims to promote its excellent teaching and learning approaches while maintaining the quality of its curriculum. DBIS mould students with the necessary skills, knowledge and creativity in a safe and healthy learning environment.

At DBIS, the pursuit of academic excellence and the emphasis on developing independent learners with a desire to enquire and learn about the surrounding world is paramount. DBIS students will be incrementally exposed to dynamic, engaging, and active learning opportunities both in and outside of the classroom, which will challenge their existing learning boundaries.

British Curriculum School in Hong Kong

Discovery Bay International School (DBIS)’ students experience a distinctive learning journey of the British Curriculum, ranging from the Early Years, Primary school, to Secondary school. Its small class sizes, creative methods of teaching and learning, and extra-curricular activities help students develop as creative, independent and intelligent individuals. The school also assures that all students receive full support to reach their individual potential.

The bulk of the English national curriculum focus is broad and balanced, with attention also paid to the atypical problem solving areas of many subjects such as English language proficiency, mathematics, computing, creative issues in arts classes, proficiency in other languages including Mandarin, plus health development via sports and physical education.

The student body is encouraged to become resourceful, inquisitive, and confident communicators, who are capable of sharing ideas, feedback, and being able to work together with others in teams. DBIS students will have to work hard, and they will likewise be equipped with the confidence to be proud of their results, once the results of the hard work is apparent.

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  • Basketball Court
  • Dance Studio
  • Football Field
  • Gym
  • Netball Court
  • Swimming Pool

Discovery Bay Road, Hong Kong

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  • Primary
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  • Secondary
  • British National Curriculum