Bradbury School

Bradbury School is a reputed school in Hong Kong offering the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Curriculum to students. The school has a lively environment where children enjoy their learning process. The school motivates and cares for their children sot that they grow up to be happy and caring individuals dedicated to lifelong learning.

Bradbury School in Hong Kong

Bradbury School is an IB World School that offers the IB Primary Years Programme to children. This is an inquiry-based approach to learning where children’s natural curiosity is nurtured. The school works hard to deliver a high-quality programme. It also employs children from all over the world to provide a superior learning experience to children.

Over and above the curriculum, Bradbury School puts immense on the holistic development of children. Hence, it conducts various activities from time to time to educate children on aspects such as biodiversity and nature, climate change, energy, global citizenship, health and wellbeing, littering, transport, wastage, water and other issues.

IB Primary Years Programme

Classes are conducted in a purpose-built building located quite close to Wong Nai Chung Road Crescent Garden. The campus is equipped with a gym, music room, playground, multi-purpose hall and running tracks. The daily school routine reflects activities of different kinds which not only keep the children active, they also provide a welcome breather from the general academic pressure.

The school also ties up with third-party service providers who offer professional training in basketball, soccer, chess and other sports. Children are also offered classes in creative writing, Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.

The school actively involves parents in the learning journey of children. It regularly communicates with parents which leads to a seamless transition between learning in school and at home. Students grow up to be responsible individuals in this school who are able to cope up with the challenges of secondary education, once they graduate.

  • Gym
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Music Room
  • Playground

43C Stubbs Road Hong Kong

  • Primary
  • International Primary Curriculum