Rosebud Primary School

Since 2004, Rosebud Primary School has been focusing on enabling its students to become high academic achievers who could contribute to the world. For more than 15 years, Rosebud has witnessed its students grow to become individuals that are responsible, respectful, caring, successful, and independent.

Rosebud’s mission statement is to empower their student body to strive for and achieve academic excellence, while being responsible global citizens who promote the drive for global, peaceful unity- by means of equity, innovation, diversity, self-respect, and care for both the community and the surrounding environment.

International Primary School in Hong Kong

The school, with it’s extensive grounding as an established educational facility on Hong Kong Island, would continue to nurture it’s students to be global citizens who could be effective communicators with fluent multilingual skills. The school is proudly recognised by the Hong Kong SAR government and has an International accreditation as well as being recognised as a Cambridge International School.

Rosebud offers the best learning environment for students to experience education with passion. Students are stimulated to be critical thinkers and problem solvers through the school’s curricular and extra-curricular activities. Presently, at least 23 different nationalities call Rosebud Primary School as their home, with a complete 100% of past graduating students having gained admission to a variety of secondary schools, both locally in Hong Kong and abroad.

The school aims to become a comprehensive primary stage educational institute at both the local and international levels, by implementing the world-leading best academic practices currently in use today; forging strong bonds with the outer and inner school communities is also a visible focus for Rosebud.

Students are given the opportunity to explore and adapt to different cultures in Rosebud as the school has students from more than twenty countries. Due to its diverse cultures, the school offers many types of extra-curricular activities to fulfill the students’ needs as well as allowing it’s local students to get to know, understand, and respect other cultures. This primary school has gained numerous medals and awards from international competitions in both scholastic and extra-curricular pursuits.

British International Primary Curriculum

In line with the British Curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) of Cambridge International University, and the local Hong Kong curriculum, Rosebud uses English extensively as a medium of instruction for all of it’s core subjects, to ensure that not only do its international students feel welcome and comfortable during lessons, every student gains well-rounded language skills, both spoken skills as well as writing and comprehension.

The Rosebud Primary School curriculum places a high emphasis on developing students’ problem-solving and communication skills, and learning skills by providing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education. While the academic and practical skills are integral, this school has likewise taken great pains to ensure a holistic provision of after-school activities and happening for the student base.

By means of these extra-curricular activities, students practice soft skills such as socialising and play / recreation time activities, with around fifteen extra curricular happenings on a weekly basis. Some of these activities include drama club, Chinese cultural club, martial arts club, yoga club, choir, the Lego-robotics club, board games, cooking club, and so many more.

With the latest multi-media equipment, Rosebud’s Computer Lab is an environment that inspires independent and creative learning. The school is more than willing to invest in the latest classroom technology to provide a training ground for students to be future world citizens.

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UG 28-37 Waterside Plaza, 38 Wing Shun Street, Hong Kong

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