The International Montessori School (Aldrich Campus)

Set up in 2002, the International Montessori School Aldrich Campus (aka IMS) has been providing children with ample opportunities to develop as well-rounded individuals through its holistic learning and dual-language approach. As a result, pupils in IMS excel as outstanding communicators and independent individuals who are constantly searching for answers in the school’s challenging and stimulating environment.

International Montessori School Aldrich Campus is the home to learning the Montessori system in both English and Potonghua, both in and out of the classroom. The benefits of the Montessori system are apparently visible in both younger and older students: younger students are asserting their ability and willingness to try and do things themselves rather than rely on external helpers, and older students are being inquisitive and asking leading questions, while becoming thoughtful, capable leaders who are driven by responsibility.

Bilingual English Mandarin School

The education on offer at IMS is a child-driven approach, in a creative and bilingual environment that feeds the child’s individual desire to learn and discover independently, which in turns feed their self-confidence in taking on and coping with new tasks that comes their way. IMS was established by an invested group of both parents and professionals, who wanted this sort of an education for their children thanks to the recommendation of one of the parents- who experienced the internationally renown Montessori Method as a child.

From the original 2002 campus on Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, the educational home for 68 pioneer batch of pupils aged between 3 years and 12 years old and the first to feature the Montessori education programme in an immersive dual-language approach. Today the original school has grown to four locations across Hong Kong Island, including the Aldrich Bay campus.

Children at the International Montessori School Aldrich Campus (IMS) are prepared to face the competitive world with the school’s practice in the highly reputable Montessori Curriculum. As a bilingual school, pupils are inspired to speak in English and Mandarin with their peers and teachers to develop both communication skills and confidence.

Montessori Method Curriculum of International Montessori School Aldrich

IMS employs teachers from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) who have valuable experience in the Montessori Method. The teachers interact with children with love and care, allowing them to be comfortable in their learning environment and hence, enhancing their development in their own talents and interests.

IMS students generally have the confidence and competence to be well-equipped to handle the pressures and challenges of life, being produced by a successful, dedicated and diverse international school community that caters to the whole range of schooling district in Hong Kong.

Some of the recognisable characteristics of a well educated, self-actualised student of IMS is their personality is more self-confident and comfortable with change. As part of their Montessori upbringing, they are more capable of both processing and applying the knowledge they have learnt in a practical setting. IMS students become lifelong learners with a questioning, inquisitive mind.

IMS students of course communicate freely without inhibitions in both English and Chinese, and possess a good grounding in moral and ethical beliefs that equips them to look forward to contributing to society in stand-out ways. The students are well prepared for the rigours and challenges of a varied variety of secondary school syllabi.

International Montessori School Aldrich Campus is committed to the authentic Montessori Pedagogy as defined by Dr. Maria Montessori herself, with research showing the authentic Montessori system has yielded better learning results.

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