Norwegian International School

Norwegian International School

The Norwegian International School (NIS) located at Kwong Fuk Road in the Tai Po district of Hong Kong Island, was founded in 1984. The school focuses on educating and cultivating students of compassion, courage and competence in an international community with a strong Christian faith grounding.

Having operated for more than 35 years, NIS still remains true to its motto: “Loving for Today, Learning for Tomorrow, Living for Eternity”. Following its slogan, the school wishes to educate its individuals to learn while treating people with love and kindness, strive academically to be informative citizens of the world, and make life rewarding by contributing to the society.

Missionary School in Hong Kong

Staying true to the principles as laid out by the missionaries who founded the school, NIS builds the students’ characters and nurtures their academic progression, growing based on the spiritual foundation guided by the principles and values inculcated in the Bible. NIS places great stock in the sense of community, and the interpersonal relationships students, their families, and the teaching staff.

The school has extremely limited class sized, making the relationship between the students and teachers, and between the teachers and the parents, an integral part of helping the students become well-rounded individuals who will continuously grow in their knowledge base, skill sets, and characters throughout their journey of learning.

This leads NIS students to progressively gain a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds them, and to develop the faith-influenced belief of serving others, and to be able, contributing members of their community, and beyond.

By applying the British Curriculum in its education system, the Norwegian International School aims to help students become well-rounded learners who could develop academically and character-wise while emphasising on Biblical principles and values. Teachers are dedicated to guide students to understand the world and realise their roles as responsible, internationally-minded and compassionate citizens.

Like some of the other Hong Kong schools that were originally established by missionaries, the NIS is affiliated with the Generations Christian Education organisation, a not-for-profit educational organisation that possesses a combined total of thirty plus years of experience in the Hong Kong area, originally beginning operations in 1986.

International School Environment & Facilities

NIS’ Kwong Fuk Road campus is a lush, green environment makes an ideal playground for its curious students to actively explore nature while interacting with their peers. This provides a platform for them to gain hands-on experience of their surrounding. The campus is also a favorite amongst the families of students, and other guests, for it’s welcoming and serene atmosphere- but this green space is also gives a multitude of opportunities for students to commune with nature in a safe and secure surrounding.

The Norwegian International School also has within it’s boundaries, several proper large spaces and facilities for art and various other outdoor leaning projects. Students are always welcome to express themselves creatively by indulging in various projects involving their artistic side. The school field is another great space where a host of special school events and activities are involved all year around.

Many students (and their families) stay back after schooling hours, playing field soccer or taking advantage of one of the several pieces of engaging play equipment scattered around the school.

  • Art Studio
  • Basketball Court
  • Music Room

175 Kwong Fuk Rd, Hong Kong

  • Preschool
  • British National Curriculum