Island Christian Academy

Established in 2012, the Island Christian Academy (IslandCA) is a Christian school that believes in empowering its students to perform academically, socially, physically, and spiritually. The school encourages its students to grow in all aspects including academics, character, compassion, courage and acceptance. IslandCA has been moving towards delivering excellent education as the first International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Accredited School in Hong Kong and a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Christian School in Hong Kong

Island Christian Academy’s school mission is to teach children in a nurturing, vibrant, and international community. The Academy wants to inspire the next generation to be globalised characters with the Christian faith, of being persons who live to serve others. The values that the school highlights as the priority are being Christ centred, loving, excellence, service, hope, joy, and a sense of community.

IslandCA is a Christian school dedicated to educating the whole child whereby each child is empowered to flourish physically, academically, socially, and spiritually, located in the middle of Hong Kong Island. The school grows not only their academic achievements- as witnessed by their students’ high performance in independent assessments- but as evidenced in the development of their student community into kind and generous human beings who are upfront about learning from members from other cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Island Christian Academy education system follows the British Curriculum standards, and the school community is pleased to dedicate itself to help students receive the best learning experience including gathering parents’ feedback to craft an approach that could meet their children’s needs and shape them into intelligent individuals with a solid faith in Christianity.

As the first IPC Accredited School on Hong Kong island, IslandCA has made great strides to continue growing with excellence, building on the Generations Christian Education with thirty plus years scholastic education experience, combined with the hundred plus years educational ministry of the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.

International Primary Curriculum in Hong Kong

Since the day IslandCA opened it’s doors in 2012, the school has grown to become a highly respected member of Hong Kong’s educational sector, and IslandCA has been recognised for it’s outstanding performance in practicing the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and receiving it’s accredited school status after just four years of operation, back in 2016.

The school’s historic campus at 70 Bridges Street has been the site of the school since 1918, and the original site of the school dates back to 1912 when it was a Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong youth hostel. Thanks to it’s heritage roots, the international school has strong ties within the HK academic scene especially with Generations Christian Education’s over thirty years of local education experience. Generations is a not-for-profit education association since 1986.

IslandCA’s approach to learning, aside from wanting their students to develop like Jesus, is to acquire a positive attitude towards learning, and to develop their 21st century qualities and dispositions, like adaptability, cooperation, communication, enquiry, morality, resilience, respect, and thoughtfulness.

The Island Christian Academy also wants their pupils to become genuine individuals of character, as well as keeping healthy in a number of ways namely physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At the same time, the students need to be open to the opportunity and the encouragement to serve others, a big part of the IslandCA mission statement.

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70 Bridges Street, Hong Kong

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