International Christian School Kindergarten

International Christian School Kindergarten

Beginning initial operations in 1992, the International Christian School Kindergarten (ICS) is a Christian school that integrates faith, learning and action in its curriculum to ensure its students grow physically, intellectually and socially while maintaining their faith in God. From it’s humble beginnings of being established by a group of missionary agencies in Kowloon City with a school population of just 56 students, 11 teachers, and the principal- the school has grown to well over a thousand students at the main Shek Mun Campus in Shatin, the New Territories.

International Kindergarten in N.T. Hong Kong

The International Christian School Kindergarten facilities, on the other hand, can be found on the ground floor of Block H, Kam Ho House, Kam Fung Court in Ma On Shan, N.T. The fundamental tenets that the school focuses on are the worldview that all students were created by a divine God and endowed with the capacity to learn, and that all students tend to learn differently and therefore will benefit from targeted instructional strategies, and intervention at key times.

Focused on delivering outstanding Christian education to create students who could serve their community, ICS nurtures its learners to develop their character, God-given abilities, and to prepare them to face tertiary education with confidence. The school’s vision is to model excellence and innovation by means of a holistic faith-based education.

As an international kindergarten, ICS classes are taught predominantly in English, but the children also learn to to converse in Mandarin. At the age of three, those toddlers that are more preschool ready are picking up on the world around them, and the kindergarten helps them learn how to interact and to get along socially with others in a group environment.

Meanwhile, the beginning of phonics, writing by hand, and beginner mathematics are included for those aged 4-years. The kids are similarly involved in other age-appropriate learning opportunities and activities, while Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) are baked in as part of the curriculum.

The international-based developmental programme is primarily concerned with rounding out their social, emotional, language, cognitive thinking, as well as physical skills in preparing the preschoolers for the transition to Elementary school. All lessons are developed with a Biblical worldview perspective in mind.

North American Curriculum in HK

With a mission to equip students to serve and transform their communities with an outstanding Christian centric education, ICS cultivates their students’ character, nurtures their natural abilities, and prepares them for life beyond the preschool years at the primary and secondary school levels.

Equipped with the North American Curriculum, the International Christian School strives for excellence by encouraging its students to develop skills for lifelong learning, and at the same time growing in terms of moral and ethical integrity. Learners in ICS do their best in improving their weaknesses upon receiving constructive criticism.

ICS students also think independently and creatively by constructing viewpoints based on careful analyses on facts. ICS helps its students identify their natural and spiritual abilities by conducting a variety of activities and providing opportunities for them to evaluate and explore their talents while developing competency and excellence in an area or more.

As a Christian school, ICS guides its students to form a connection with Christ by ensuring that they have a solid understanding in the role of God, mankind, moral order, biblical events, and the world. Apart from that, the International Christian School Kindergarten prepares its learners to become responsible and trustworthy citizens of the world by having them play with, express, receive and interpret ideas clearly while sharpening their skills in effective communication.

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G/F, Kam Ho House (Block H), Kam Fung Court, Hong Kong

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