Brainworks – Total International School – Wai Za Yan Tar Campus

Brainworks – Total International School Wai Za Yan Tar Campus concentrates on the holistic development of students by concentrating on six aspects of individual development – Intellectual Capital, Physical Capital, Emotional Capital, Social Capital, Spiritual Capital and Leadership Capital. The school’s academic and extra-curricular activities involve the body, mind, feelings, social and intuitive dimensions of the individual which leads to holistic growth.

Quality Over Quantity

The school caters to students from pre-school up to secondary levels (2-19 years). Students are offered the British National Curriculum whereas students at the secondary level are offered the IGCSE curriculum. Right from preschool, students are provided extensive knowledge about Myanmar to ensure they grow up to be culturally aware while learning from an internationally acclaimed curriculum which highlights the crucial aspects of different cultures and languages.

Brainworks – Total International School Wai Za Yan Tar Campus focuses on quality rather than quantity. Hence, the school maintains a limited student-teacher ratio to help teachers provide personalised attention to each student.

Community Involvement

The ethos of the school concentrates on developing responsibility in students, such as involving students in community service. Therefore, students are offered a wide array of extra-curricular activities at Brainworks – Total International School Wai Za Yan Tar Campus such as physical education, martial arts, dance, and outdoor play activities. Students also take part in overnight camps, field trips, performances and activities related to culture, history and religion.

Nestled in the lap of greenery, the school campus has a warm and inviting ambience equipped with everything required to have a meaningful student life. There is a science laboratory, canteen, dining area, locker room, technology lab and other facilities to expand a student’s learning journey.

Brainworks has a total of 8 branches in Kamayut, Bayint Naung, Kyi Myin Dine, Wai Za Yan Tar, North Dagon, Thingangyun, Thaketa and Taunggyi, which are accredited by Cambridge International School and also certified by ISO 9001, 14001.

  • Cafeteria
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Playground
  • Science Laboratory

#40 (A) Sethmu 4 Road, Industrial Zone 8 Qtr, South Okkalapa, Yangon

  • British National Curriculum