French International School of Yangon

The French International School of Yangon is a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad. Established in 1993, the school offer preschool to secondary levels (2 – 18 years) and follows the French National Curriculum. It encourages personal fulfillment to help students grow up to be independent and critical thinkers.

Lycée Français International de Rangoun (LFIR)

The programmes offered in this school are validated by the French Education Ministry. The accreditation by the French Ministry of Education assures the quality of education provided by the school and ensures that the school’s programmes, teaching objectives and organisational values comply with the French education system. The school has to go through periodic reviews to meet this accreditation criterion.

French International School of Yangon has several cultural exchange programmes where students can participate. The teacher community consists of teachers from different countries to ensure students develop with an international mindset and an appreciation for different cultures. The school has strong roots in language as students are taught in English and French.

The school also offers classes in Myanmar language, as well as German and Spanish. It boasts of bilingualism and conducts language classes for students to broaden their language skills. The school has French as Foreign Language System programme which is used to train students who are not fluent in French to strengthen their language. These classes are conducted in small groups and special emphasis is provided on oral skills to help students interact in French with confidence.

After School Activities

Apart from academics, the school offers a wide range of after-school activities to students at all levels, even kindergarten. From sports to science, students can choose an option that they want. The common ones include drama, cooking, baby gym, yoga, wall climbing, swimming pool, soccer, basketball, robotics, and urban dance.

The school also has three major sports clubs – football, basketball, or athletics that are open to students. Training sessions are conducted twice a week and students are encouraged to participate in local and international competitions.


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  • Library
  • Playground

Joseph Kessel, 61 Inya Myaing Rd, Myanmar (Burma)

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  • Primary
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  • Secondary
  • French National Curriculum