Brainworks-Total International School – Bayint Naung Campus

Brainworks – Total International School – Bayint Naung Campus is a part of the Brainworks-Total International School which runs several schools across Malaysia. The school concentrates on the holistic development of students and concentrates on six different aspects of an individual’s development – Intellectual Capital, Physical Capital, Emotional Capital, Social Capital, Spiritual Capital and Leadership Capital.

A Focus on Local Tradition

The school offers education to students from preschool up to secondary levels. It follows the British National Curriculum and offers the IGCSE curriculum to students at the secondary level. Although the school follows an international curriculum, the focus is completely local and hence students learn a lot about Myanmar’s culture and traditions. The school has a loving and cosy environment where each students’ uniqueness is honed and their individual strength is harnessed.

Academically, the curriculum has been designed to hone critical thinking and decision making skills of students. The school puts immense emphasis on language learning and students grow up to be fluent in Myanmar language as well as English.

Low Student : Teacher Ratio

The school puts immense focus on quality rather than quantity and hence maintains a limited student-teacher ratio to ensure teachers are able to provide personalised attention to each student. It employs experienced teachers who take good care of students.

Apart from academics, the school puts immense emphasis on co-curricular activities. Children are involved in community service and are offered a wide array of extra-curricular activities at Brainworks-Total International School such as physical education, martial arts, dance, outdoor activities and play activities. Students also take part in overnight camps, field trips, performances and activities related to culture, history and religion.

Brainworks – Total International School – Bayint Naung Campus is centrally located in Yangon and can be conveniently reached from anywhere in the city. The school offers state of the art facilities such as a science laboratory, teachers room, canteen, dining area, lockers, technology lab and other facilities.

  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Music Room

No. 47 Padauk Lane (2), Aye Yeik Mon Housing, Hlaing, Yangon.

  • Primary
  • Middle-School
  • Secondary
  • British National Curriculum