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Learning Home International Kindergarten

Learning Home International Kindergarten is a preschool for children above one and a half years of age. The school follows the American curriculum and emphasizes the fun and joy of learning.

American International Kindergarten in Bangkok

The school boasts of a great admission record of students to prestigious Thai and International schools for pursuing higher education. The school follows a mission to provide an excellent education to children and focuses on the joy of learning from the beginning itself. The school also strives to provide the basics to students to be successful in life so that they can make the right start to a bright future.

The behaviours, social norms, and academic discipline of young children are ingrained in them during their formative years, and thus it is imperative that a child starts to consider learning as a joyous and beneficial pastime from the beginning itself. Learning Home’s approach inspires this sentiment, emphasised by a results-driven curriculum that rewards active participation while still remaining fun and stimulating at its core.

The Fun & Joy of Learning

Front and centre at Learning Home International is the focus on the pleasures of learning and gaining knowledge, firmly backed up by the American Pre-K to K-3 kindergarten and preschool syllabus. Students from this pre primary school are well equipped and confident when tasked with moving on to the primary school stage, with many of the children continuing to enjoy school and viewing learning as not only a worthwhile activity, but fun as well.

Learning Home International Kindergarten offers Pre-Kindergarten (from two to three years old), Kindergarten 1 (three to four years old), Kindergarten 2 (four to five years old) and Kindergarten 3 (between the ages of five and six) levels. The school conducts innumerable activities to keep the students engaged at all times. At each level, the school concentrates on a child’s different abilities encompassing a child’s physical and academic development.

  • Cafeteria
  • Playground
  • Splash Pool

425 Trinity Building, Silom Soi 5, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

  • Preschool
  • US Schools Curriculum

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