IPC International Kindergarten

IPC International Kindergarten is one of Bangkok’s oldest kindergarten. The school boasts of providing a well-founded early education to young children.

International Preschool in Bangkok

The IPC (also known as the International Pre-School Center) was founded by Khun Marianne Chirathivat and her family in 1983, rendering it among the oldest and perhaps most loved pre-schools in Bangkok. The preschool puts an emphasis itself on presenting young children with a solid early education in a warm, enjoyable and intimate setting.

The goal is to keep the school manageable so that throughout the campus every child is known by name and the parents feel like a family. At the very same time, the pre-school puts together an excellent British curriculum as well as its own unique IPC curriculum, whereby learning is facilitated by having fun, play and activities.

The school provides a cosy environment where students love to learn. More than 7000 students from 30 nationalities have studied in this school so far. The school provides education to students aged 18 months to 3-years on a part-time or full-time basis.

IPC International Kindergarten strives to build a child’s confidence and instil a love for gathering knowledge. The curriculum has been designed keeping the age of children in mind.

Pioneer International Kindergarten in Thailand

The faculty consists of friendly and lovable individuals who enjoy spending time with children. They provide the utmost care to each student.

There are only 4 classes with a limited number of children in each class to provide personal attention to each individual. The school boasts of a unique timetable which provides a perfect balance between academic and specialist subjects.

The school building is located amidst greenery where students learn important aspects of nature. Students take part in interesting and fun activities which ignites an interest in learning.

Apart from the normal curriculum, the school teaches specialist subjects such as art, pottery, cooking, music and movement, drama, mini movers, Thai culture, Thai language, mind and body balance, computers and brain gym. The school boasts of a 100% acceptance rate of students into primary schools across Thailand.

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313 Sukhumvit Soi 31 Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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